About us

Discover the story of a young team of 4 professional and enthusiastic people, driven by passion for research.

We go beyond the traditional approaches to market research and aim to offer correct insights which fit into a larger context. To accomplish this, we use any available data (e.g., sales and usage data, …). This constitutes the true power of research; finding the story behind the data.

Johan Schockaert

Mobile Phone Johan: 0495/57.51.58

Email: johan@data-synergy.be

Native language: Dutch

Education: Master in Political and Social Sciences & Economic Sciences (KUL)

Career: Johan started his career in research in 1992 as co-founder of Significant, which became GfK-Significant in 2002. From 2010 to 2014, he served as president of Febelmar, and from 2013 he led GfK-Significant in The Netherlands. In 2015, he founded DataStories Research (now DataSynergy).

About DataSynergy:

Combining my experience in market research, my ambition as an entrepreneur and empathy for colleagues and clients, I strive to build an independent, long-lasting market research company. A place where passionate researchers have the space and support to carry out valid, fascinating and important research for Belgian companies, government, and non-profit organizations.

My passions?

  1. Passion for research: There is nothing more fun for me than finding out what people think, feel, and do through asking questions or collecting existing data. Digging through the data and presenting it to the customer in a manageable way so they can make the right business decisions.
  2. Passion for entrepreneurship: Working together in an environment where decisions can be made independently within the philosophy of the company.
  3. Passion for educating young researchers: Providing support to young researchers to make them feel at home at DataSynergy, while also developing their research skills. From the start of my career, and later as a lecturer at Thomas More, I have shared my passion for research with one goal in mind: excite them for the most beautiful career there is; market researcher.

Kenny Bos

Mobile Phone Kenny: 0479/44.39.99

Email: kenny@data-synergy.be

Native language: Dutch

Education: Master in Psychology (KUL)

Career: Following a short period as a scientific researcher at the Provincial College Limburg, Kenny started his career as a market researcher at GfK-Significant in 2006. After 11 years, he made the switch to the client-side of market research and became Business & Consumer Insights Manager at FrieslandCampina. Since early 2019, Kenny joined Johan in managing DataSynergy.

About DataSynergy:

From a young age, I’ve been fascinated by looking for solutions to all sorts of problems. My job at DataSynergy is therefore a logical continuation of this fascination. Market research allows me to answer questions and find the best solutions for customers. Few things give me more satisfaction than completing a project from start to finish together with a client.

What gives me energy?

I’m convinced that everyone has different talents and skills which he or she should be allowed to develop. Being able to rely on a diverse and talented team and stimulating their qualities every day gives me tons of energy.

Sare Vanvinckenroye

Mobile Phone Sare: 0473/38.23.34

Email: sare@data-synergy.be

Native language: Dutch and English

Education: Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience, specialization in psychopathology (Maastricht University)

About DataSynergy:

My job as Research Specialist at DataSynergy requires a great deal of flexibility, yet this is the strength of a small team like ours. Working evenings or weekends doesn’t scare me off, an end product of high quality is more important to me. Receiving a 10 out of 10 from our clients, that’s our goal.

DataSynergy gives its employees space to grow and learn. Asking questions or trying out new things is always possible; I believe that one must go after challenges and take the bull by the horns. Some research questions require us to think creatively and come up with new solutions but in the end, everything always works out. For every problem there is a solution, you just need to find it.

My weapon?

Humor. I can see the funny side to any situation. Laughter is the best medicine against stressful situations.

Emmanuelle Cornil

Mobile Phone Emmanuelle: 0486/97.46.02

Email: emmanuelle@data-synergy.be

Native language: French

Education: Master in Human Resources (UCL) and Business Administration (UGent)

About DataSynergy:

I’m continuously looking for new challenges, that’s how I arrived at DataSynergy; first as an intern, then as Research Specialist. I love the family atmosphere, and that every day brings something different. My native language is French, this may seem insignificant however it is very much appreciated by our customers. They save both time and money on translations as it can be done in-house.

What drives me?

I always go for the best results, I always want to keep learning and growing, and do better than I did last time. I’m very eager to learn new things, such as new information, new methodology, other sectors, products and services, … Because of every research project we do at DataSynergy, I learn more about the world.

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