Customer Experience research

Customer experience research

Customer experience research focuses on the satisfaction and loyalty among customers of your brand. Customer satisfaction is a main KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for many companies in order to assess their company’s success.

Satisfied customers lead to better results for your company:

  • Satisfied customers are more loyal to your brand
  • Satisfied customers are the best advertisement: they recommend your products or services to others
  • Keeping (satisfied) customers is cheaper than attracting new customers

Through research you can discover how satisfied your customers are about your products or services. This could either be transactional satisfaction, where you measure satisfaction following a certain transaction, or relational satisfaction where customers’ perception of their relationship with the company is examined.


The emphases of customer experience research:

Depending on your needs, a different focus can be placed on the following aspects of customer experience research:

  • Classic satisfaction scores
  • NPS research – Which customers would recommend your company or brand?
  • Exploring the aspects of your customers’ experience

It is advised to conduct customer experience research regularly as your customers’ needs change over time. Regular studies (annual or semi-annual) allow you to monitor the results of commercial activities and receive up-to-date data.

Start point:

For this type of research, we usually start from internal customer data where predefined customer segments can be examined to assess their experience with your brand, products, or services.

Customer Experience research

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