Segmentation research

Segmentation research

It’s not always easy to understand what exactly motivates a consumer or company to use your products or services. Especially since the ‘average consumer’ or ‘average company’ doesn’t exist. By focusing on a group of consumers or companies with similar characteristics or behavior, it becomes easier to understand these motivations. This is what segmentation research entails.

The allocation of consumers or companies into the different segments can be done via several dimensions:

‘Hard’ features:

  • Demographics (age, gender, …)
  • Geographic characteristics (place of residence, …)

‘Soft’ features:

  • Satisfaction
  • Loyalty
  • Attitudes and behavior

Consumers or companies within the same segment are very similar to each other, yet very different from other segments. This makes it possible to define segments who have specific motivations and needs.


Segmentation research answers the following types of questions:

  • On which segments should your company focus in order to improve your business outcomes?
  • On which segments should you focus to develop your offer and positioning?
  • Which segments need extra investments?
  • Which new target groups are the most feasible and in which period?

Segmentation research results in clearly defined groups so that the effectiveness of your marketing efforts can improve significantly.

Segmentation research

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