Usage & Attitude research

Usage & Attitude research


Usage & attitude research is valuable to get to know your market. It provides answers to the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when and why).

This type of rather fundamental research allows your company to define its growth potential; it maps out which target group must be reached, in which way, and through which services, products, or messages.

Usage & attitude research isn’t just of interest to companies that offer physical products, but it is also useful for companies in the service sector.

Different aspects of Usage & attitude research:

  • Define the market (penetration, frequency of use, …)
  • Map the categories of the products or services

                o Who uses the category? (target groups)

                o Within the category, which brand are most used or considered?

                o Which products or services are used?

                o Where, when and how are products and services used?

                o Why is the category used or not used? (drivers and barriers)

Usage & Attitude research

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