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Master in Political and Social Sciences & Economic Sciences (KUL)


Johan started his research career in 1992 as co-founder of Significant, which became GfK-Significant in 2002. From 2010 to 2014 he served as president of Febelmar, and from 2013 he led GfK Netherlands. In 2015, Johan founded DataSynergy, a return to his ultimate passion.

About DataSynergy:

With my experience in market research, my drive as an entrepreneur and empathy for colleagues and clients, I want to develop an independent and sustainable (in the sense of permanent) research agency. A place where passionate employees get all the space and support they need to perform sound, interesting and important research for Belgian companies, governments, and non-profit organizations.

My passions

  1. Passion for research: There is nothing more fun than investigating what a group of people think, analyzing their feelings and behavior through asking questions or collecting existing data. To then dig you through the data and finally present it to the client in a manageable way so that they can get started and make the right business decisions.
  2. Passion for entrepreneurship: Working together in an independent company where decisions can be made independently within their own corporate culture.
  3. Passion for training good researchers: Providing support to young researchers to make them feel at home at DataSynergy, while also developing their research skills. From the start of my career, and later as a lecturer at Thomas More, I have shared my passion for research with one goal in mind: excite them for the most beautiful career there is; market researcher.