A Usage & Attitude study (U&A) is a valuable tool for gaining insights into the market. This type of research provides an answer to the five Ws (who, what, where, when and why).

This rather fundamental type of research allows a company to define growth potential because it maps out which target group must be reached, in which way, and through which services, products, or messages. Usage & Attitude research is not only interesting for companies that offer physical goods, but is also useful for companies in the service sector.

Aspects of Usage & Attitude research:

  • Define the market (market penetration, frequency of use, ...)
  • Map out the product or service category


  • Who uses the category (target groups)?
  • Which brands are used, considered, ... within this category?
  • Which products and services are used?
  • Where, when and how are products and services used?
  • Why is the category used or not (drivers & barriers)?
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