It is not easy to understand exactly what motivates a consumer or company to use your products or services. This is also because an "average consumer" or an "average company" does not exist.

The division of segments via different dimensions

By zooming in on a group of consumers or companies with the same behaviors or attitudes, motivations can be better understood, this is called segmentation of the target group.

The division of segments can be done via different dimensions;

Hard characteristics
o Demographic characteristics (age, gender, etc.)
o Geographic features (place of residence, etc.)

Soft features
o Satisfaction
o Loyalty
o Attitudes and behavior

Groups of consumers or companies are always followed via this classification. These consumers or companies in one segment differ as little as possible from each other, but as much as possible from consumers or companies from another segment. This makes it possible to define different target groups with specific motivations and needs.

Segmentation research gives you an answer to the following questions:
  • Which primary and secondary segments should you focus on to improve your operating result?
  • On which segments do you need to develop your offer and positioning?
  • Which segments justify extra investments?
  • Which new target groups are the most feasible and in what period?

Segmentation research results in clearly defined groups so that you can effectively improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

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