Native language:

Dutch and English


Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience, specialization psychopathology (Maastricht University)

About DataSynergy:

My job as Research Specialist at DataSynergy requires a great deal of flexibility, yet this is the strength of a small team like ours. Working evenings or weekends doesn’t scare me off, an end product of high quality is more important to me.

Getting a 10/10 from the customer, that's what we go for!

DataSynergy gives its employees space to grow and learn. Asking questions or trying out new things is always possible; I believe that one must go after challenges and take the bull by the horns. Some research questions require us to think creatively and come up with new solutions but in the end, everything always works out. For every problem there is a solution, you just need to find it.

My ultimate weapon?  

Humor. I find a funny side to every situation. Laughter is therefore the best medicine when stress arises.