Why do market research?

Thanks to market research, you can gain important insights to develop your marketing, communication, and sales strategies.

  • How satisfied are your customers?
  • What are your customers’ wishes and needs?
  • What is the feasibility of a new concept or product?
  • How does your company compare to the competition?

These questions and more can be answered through market research, both qualitatively as quantitatively. DataSynergy can help you answer these questions as we are a full-service market research company where each type of customer can be helped with any type of research. Our added value is most apparent when it comes to research questions that require more thinking, are more complex, or require customization.

We specialize in the following types of research:

Brand & Communication research

Do you take important decisions in your personal life without gathering information beforehand? Exactly…., so why shouldn’t you do the same for your brand? A few questions that can be answered by this type of research:

  • How do people feel about your brand?
  • What is your brand’s current positioning in the market?
  • What should your brand’s positioning be in order to be more successful?

You are aware, without a doubt, of how much your company invests in brand communication. But do you know what the effect of this investment is?

  • Did you reach your target group?
  • What was the perception of your communication?
  • Does it match your brand’s values?
  • What was its impact?
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Customer Experience research

Successful companies place great value on their customer service. Regular feedback from customers allows you to evolve to a client-centered company.

  • What do your customers expect from your company?
  • How do they evaluate contact with your company?
  • What has the largest effect on the overall satisfaction with your company?
  • How does this impact your company’s results?

Usage & Attitude research

Would you like to have a better understanding of the sector or category in which your company or brand operates? How do your customers make decisions, what are their needs, and how can you best reach them? Do you want to get a better idea of which products and services to launch next?

Usage & Attitude research can help with all these questions:

  • What does ‘the market’ look like (in terms of categories, frequency of use, …)?
  • How well does your company or brand do in this market? (penetration, perception, drivers, …)
  • What is your current (and future) target group? (profiling, needs, wishes, …)
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Segmentation research

The average consumer or customer doesn’t exist; not all consumers or companies have the same needs. By focusing on the right target groups, the efficiency of your efforts are maximized.

Depending on the specific research objectives and business issues, segmentations can be made based on various criteria:

  • Socio-demographic characteristics
  • Satisfaction and loyalty
  • Attitudes and behaviors

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